What should I expect from a Tryout Clinic?

Most clubs have tryout clinics (TC) beginning in June. The clinics allow you to meet the club staff, assess the location, and evaluate the level of competition and coaching style. These clinics will run for 1 hour and cost $25 per session. Expect to be grouped into age groups and run through a series of skill drills/stations like passing, digging, hitting, serving, etc. This is a chance for the club coaches to see you as well as you see the club.

Most TC's will separate players by position at some point in the clinic. If you desire to play a certain position, make sure you join that position group when instructed or inform the coach/staff before. For example, if you want to be a libero, jump into the passing and defensive specialist group(s). Many of the drills are position specific. Coaches are looking for the best volleyball players to fill their team. Don't be shy!! Coaches are attracted to vocal, happy, cheerful players. Putting a team together and having good chemistry is a very important element of a successful club experience.

What is the cost to tryout?

Pre-registration will be $20 online. The cost at the door is $30 and can be paid with cash or check made payable to "Bandits Volleyball Club."  (Please note: SPACE IS LIMITED and Fees are Non-Refundable.)  Athletes need to complete the medical waiver and release form and bring it to the tryouts. 

How are tryouts conducted and players selected for each team?

Prior to tryouts, each athlete should research club choices to learn about the strengths and differences of each. Selecting a club prior to tryouts will be an important decision. Typically tryouts for most NT Region clubs will fall on the same date.

At BVC, athletes are selected based on a committee of coaches to ensure that every participant receives proper assessment and evaluation. All players will be given an equal opportunity. No athlete will be offered a position without participating in the tryout process. The better your skills are the higher probability of making a team. The criteria for selection depends on the age group, level of competition and the coaches’ philosophy. Skill is not the only factor considered. Teams need to be balanced with all positions, so the position that you play may be a factor. Attitude, leadership, athleticism and movement on the court are also taken into consideration.

What happens after the tryouts?

After the tryout, you will be notified by someone from the staff as to which team you are offered a spot. Most age groups typically have at least two teams per age group which is usually split between a National/Travel team (normally be best players at the tryouts) and a Local/non-Travel team (the next best players). Once you've accepted their offer and signed up to play for that club, you cannot change your mind and accept another offer at another club.

Do I need to sign a contract?

Yes. The contract is between the player and the club with terms that the player cannot leave the club to join another club during the season (regardless of reason) and the player will pay in full all dues for that season. Contract terms are based on one club season. You are free to join a different club after the season concludes.