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Club Information

Bandits Volleyball Club of Texas is a junior volleyball club sanctioned through USA Volleyball and the North Texas Region. We provide team options for Local, Regional, and National tournament play. We are committed to developing every athlete to the peak of her ability. Each program is designed to provide the best possible opportunity for female athletes to develop basic fundamentals and advanced volleyball techniques, in order to achieve success. We believe that a positive attitude and a strong work ethic is a necessity.

Participating in club volleyball requires a large amount of time and financial commitment for the student-athlete and parents. That is why Bandits Volleyball would like each student-athlete to get the most out of their investment. Becoming an organized, dedicated, and confident student-athlete is one advantage to this commitment. The commitment also provides the potential opportunity to continue to play in the future at the college level.

We realize there are many clubs in the North Texas Region from which you can choose. We want you to choose our club for your volleyball home. We have some of the best coaches in the region to teach all aspects of volleyball, from sound fundamentals to advanced technique and team play. We strive to provide a quality club experience that is convenient and affordable for athletes from Ellis County and the surrounding cities. We promote and adhere to a safe, fun and competitive environment – one to which you will want to return every year.


Bandits VBC provides an affordable, competitive, high quality juniors volleyball program in the North Texas Region. We are dedicated to developing the whole athlete through exceptional training, conditioning, education, and college recruiting. Bandits VBC promotes the development of sportsmanship, teamwork and friendship in a family-based environment. Our mission is to help athletes develop leadership skills and learn how to reach difficult goals through hard work, dedication and teamwork.

We focus on development in the basic skills of the sport in the younger ages, while always seeking top competition. As a player progresses with age and skill level in the club, we offer an increasingly competitive learning environment that aids in the further skill development and exposure to the collegiate level. The goal at each age group is to develop a team capable of competing at USAV Junior Nationals, with the exception of local non-travel teams.

Bandits VBC coaches will strive to develop fundamental skills as well as character, discipline, self-motivation, self-worth and excitement for the game. We understand the need to provide a safe, positive experience while players learn the importance of competition, sportsmanship, leadership and respect for teammates and their coaches.

Bandits VBC is committed to:
  • Providing the best possible coaching at each level, and to give each player the opportunity to excel
  • Maintaining a coaching philosophy throughout the club to focus on positive reinforcement, encouragement and motivation
  • Making decisions based on what is best for the athletes
  • Instilling a strong work ethic to help athletes become better team players and perform at their highest level at all times
  • Educating players and their parents about the rules and procedures that govern junior volleyball
  • Providing members with a responsive administration and an open door policy between members and club operators
  • Providing an opportunity for the athletes to reach their full potential and to prepare for the next level of play


Bandits Volleyball Club endorses and enforces all existing USAV Rules and Regulations, Code of Ethics and Conducts, and sound principles of fitness training. We adhere to our core philosophies and value integrity, teamwork and humility. We promote all around skills, place the best coach at the appropriate age level, support multi-sport athletes, keep players in the designated age group, hire passionate coaches and strive to deliver more than we promise.

We believe in developing leadership skills, teamwork and sportsmanship on and off the court. All coaches use the same keys in practice and follow club philosophy to have continuity from one year to another. Coaches attend monthly meetings to share ideas, philosophies and drills because we want to develop our coaches as well as our players and provide quality instruction at all levels. We have mentor or lead coaches in place to provide support to every coach on staff. We focus on the following four key areas as a basis for our program: Communication, Practice, Game Management and Team/Individual Goals.

Communication: Coaches will regularly communicate expectations, goals and pertinent club information to their players and parents. Coaches will be consistent in implementing policies, team rules and consequences throughout the season. Coaches will inform the administration of any team concerns or issues. Player/Coach evaluations will take place throughout the season so that players will have an opportunity to voice their opinions, set individual goals and understand their role on the team. Parents are encouraged and welcome to attend. Administration will send out mass emails and update our website with important information pertaining to clinics, tournaments, travel and college recruiting

Practice: Drills will be game like that allow for maximum touches by players NOT coaches. We promote all around skills, fast-paced intense practices, goal oriented consequences vs. punishment, and immediate feedback to our players on what they are doing correctly on the court. Coaches will provide practice plans (daily and overall season plan) and also set benchmarks to reach throughout the season.

Game Management: Bandits VBC plays to win with every player. All players will have equal opportunity for court time. Playing time is not guaranteed, but earned through hard work, positive attitude and improvements shown in practice. National and regional teams will differ slightly in play time philosophy due to participating in a competitive environment and program goals of qualifying for national tournaments. We limit the number of athletes per team in order to maximize one on one instruction time, play time and to develop all around skills. Our goal is to keep our teams at 10 players with a limit of 12.

Team/Individual Goals and Evaluations: Our coaches will set team and individual goals immediately after try-outs. Coaches will take proper stats and utilize information in games to plan practices. There will be one on one meeting with players (and parents) to discuss their role on the team and what goals they want to meet by the end of the season. Benchmarks will be set throughout the season to meet set expectations.


Coaches are selected based on their playing experience, knowledge of the game, coaching capability, enthusiasm, and temperament, and have passed an extensive background screening. One main quality that we look for in our coaches is a belief in coaching by encouragement rather than intimidation. We believe the success of our club is only as good as the development of our coaches. All of our coaches are IMPACT certified, and many have CAP certifications. All coaches regularly participate in on-the-court training during clinics, camps, and other coaches’ training events.

Each coach’s main objective is to provide our athletes with as much quality individual and team training as possible in a positive and encouraging learning environment. They are required to plan and organize their team's individual practice sessions, administer instruction at tournaments, and develop the composition and organization of the team. Our coaches strive to be to be excellent role models for the players and all others with whom they may come into contact.

The staff of Bandits VBC will provide all the administration for tournaments, travel, and finances within the club so our coaches can concentrate on coaching and their own professional growth.

  • Leadership and training necessary to achieve team goals
  • Push you past your limits
  • To expect and accept only the best
  • To be treated with respect
  • Dedication to your success
  • Inspire confidence


  • Practice how you will play – always practice competitively
  • Challenge yourself and others - the only way to improve is to try harder
  • Show respect for your coach and teammates at all times
  • Hustle at all times – that includes shagging balls
  • Expect to work hard and give 100%, 100% of the time
  • Learn to take constructive criticism and work to fix the problem
  • Support others at all times – it’s a team sport


  • Set an adult example
  • Support the coaches
  • Be positive with your child
  • Support for all of the players on the team
  • Represent Bandits Volleyball Club in a positive manner